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Thoughts and questions I have, usually stream of consciousness.
😳 Allowing Yourself to Screw Up

I managed to screw a few things up this weekend and I want to believe it's OK. I like screwing up... it means I'm trying. Failure is the best teacher, after all. Then again...

Seven Simple Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Getting over imposter syndrome is no easy task, but it starts by recognizing a cold, hard truth: you're being toxic to yourself and those around you. I'll share with you some steps I took to get over it.

The First Draft of Anything Is Shit

I'm allergic to crappy, non-sensical, faked up demos that try to convey highly technical concepts. Yet I find myself falling into that lazy trap constantly. This requires intervention.

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

As programmers we tend to think of reports after the fact, often when it's too late. I learned this the hard way over the last few days.

Why Blogs Make Outstanding Books

Can a blog be turned into a book? Yes! But it can't be just any old blog - the writer has to have something to say and no fear of saying it... like Troy Hunt. Here's the story of how I turned his blog into a book.