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Hey, neither do I! So I spent a few years studying and then wrote a huge book that describes the core CS concepts every developer should know. Over 25,000 copies sold to date!

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Recent Posts

🤖 Does Functional Programming Matter To You?

Learning Elixir changed me as a programmer, and learning functional concepts changed the way I think about writing software. How about you? Is functional proogramming a useful thing to learn?

👻 Hacking Ghost for Fun and Profit

I've been using Ghost for many years and recently I decided to see just how far I could push it.

All Courses Are Belong To You

Lots happening here, so here’s an update.

Surviving the Structured Interview

The tech industry is slowly changing over to structured interviews, but most people don't know what they are and that they have a formula!

Explain It Like I'm 5 - Why Are Hashes Irreversible?

How to explain hashing algorithms to 5-year olds? Well... I'll do my best in this post, which comes with a video too!

The Imposter's Frontend Accelerator

JavaScript client frameworks are powerful and help you create an amazing experience for your end user. Unfortunately, learning how to use them sucks.


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