What's the Difference Between Vue 2.0 and Vue 3.0?

The third version of a framework, library or tool generally sucks, at least in my experience. Will this be the case with Vue 3? Let’s find out!

What's the Difference Between Vue 2.0 and Vue 3.0?

In this video I look at the main differences between Vue 3 and Vue 2. I’m happy to report that they are, for the most part, aimed at making things faster, smoother and more straightforward.
The best changes that I have seen are:

  • Using Vite as the build tool. This thing is blazing fast which makes all the difference in the world.
  • The creation of Pinia as a replacement for Vuex. Bigger apps need a centralized state store and I, for one, am happy to see Vuex go away. The Redux-y stuff was just a bit too much.
  • The Composition API. Almost everything in Vue is now done by importing and executing specific functions that do a single thing. You can still pass objects in the old declarative style, but working with the Composition bits is refreshing.
  • Teleport! You can now “shove” a component into any DOM element on the page as long as it has a selector.

Have a look:

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