Coding Interview Bootcamp

Trying to get in at one of the top tech companies in the world? If so, I have 5 hours of video for you, spread over 18 lessons. You'll learn the strategies and techniques your peers use to get in and get paid a lot of money.

Coding Interview Bootcamp

Back in 2017 I released a video course focused on helping people with coding interviews. Today I'm adding it to my site so you can see it too! Only for subscribers, unfortunately, but hey - it's worth it!

We'll start out by getting our heads in the right place: interviewing can actually be fun! Not only that, you meet some interesting people whom you'll likely cross paths with later in your career, and be introduced to (possibly) some very interesting companies.

We'll then dig in and start reviewing and practicing, and we'll wind things up with Mr. Jon Skeet himself, who interviews people regularly for Google.

The Code

Normally I would have a GitHub link here, but that would defeat the purpose of these videos! Nah - you need to be writing this all out as you go, preferably using Google Docs instead of a code editor.

The Review Book

The videos mention a review PDF which is a lighter version of The Imposter's Handbook. I have since added the review videos to the overall course so... you can ignore that part :).