The Easiest Postgres Experience You've Ever Seen

a year ago | Postgres
Web Assembly is enabling people to do some crazy stuff in the browser, including running a full PostgreSQL installation and Adobe Photoshop!

A few months ago my friend Craig Kerstiens decided to see what's possible with Web Assembly, the thing that runs Code That's Not JavaScript in the browser. If you're a Microsoft dev, you might have heard of Blazor, which compiles C# code to Web Assembly which then gets handed to the browser to run in-process.

It turns out that people are taking Web Assembly pretty seriously, including Adobe, which compiled PhotoShop and Acrobat to Web Assembly so you could run it in the browser!

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Love the image of the elephant... which reminds me... this post is mostly about Postgres, so let's get back to Craig's story...

Learn Postgres Using Data from NASA's Cassini Mission

I wrote a fun database tutorial using data from NASA's Cassini Mission. You get to load up your database with actual data from Saturn: A Curious Moon

  • Real data from Cassini
  • Search for traces of alien life (really)

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