Hello PostgreSQL

a year ago | Postgres Shorts
In this production, a SQL Server DBA (Rob Sullivan) and a developer (Rob Conery) take a deep dive into PostGreSQL (v9.1) and are surprised by just how capable, intelligent and *fast* PostGreSQL is.

In this video production, created back in 2011, Rob Sullivan (a SQL Server DBA) and I discover PostgreSQL from the perspective of a DBA (Rob) and a developer (me).

This is when I first got to know Postgres and it blew my mind. Keep in mind that Postgres has changed over the years, but so many of the features here are still around. If you're hoping for a quick primer, these videos are for you!

Learn Postgres Using Data from NASA's Cassini Mission

I wrote a fun database tutorial using data from NASA's Cassini Mission. You get to load up your database with actual data from Saturn: A Curious Moon

  • Real data from Cassini
  • Search for traces of alien life (really)

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Lots happening here, so here’s an update.