Video Production

Video Production

In 2006 I wrote a data access library for .NET called SubSonic. It's still around and in use, which is nuts! Anyway - people wanted to know how to use it so rather than write long, silly blog posts I decided to create video walkthroughs.

Turns out I was good at it.

In 2007 I expanded on the idea, when I went to work for Microsoft, and I created the ASP.NET MVC Storefront series. The videos are gone now but I had a ton of fun making them!

Hello Tekpub

Then, in 2009, I teamed up with my friend James Avery to create

We were immediately successful and profitable from day one. We ended up selling the company in 2013 to Pluralsight and I went to work for them, continuing to make videos.

In 2017 I went back out on my own and started my next venture, Big Machine:

Welcome to Big Machine
Don’t have a degree and feel like you should? Hey me too! Then again I love teaching myself things and sharing with people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s what I do here.

This is where I'm making videos nowadays. If you want to find out more, add yourself below:

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