SQL and Data Science Fundamentals

Many data science pros will tell you: learning SQL was one of the best investments in their career, even though the language is basic and obtuse. See why so many developers become data pros in this 2-hour video tutorial featuring data from the Cassini mission.

SQL and Data Science Fundamentals

I created a video course called SQL in Orbit in 2022 that was 2.5 hours long and was designed to complement A Curious Moon, a book I wrote about the art and joy of working with data and databases.

Quite a few people have bought the course and love it, and I'm making it available now to all of you good people!

It's just about 2.5 hours long and you get to learn SQL using the actual data from the Cassini mission. You can read more about the course here. If you want to buy it standalone, you certainly can! Just click the button on that there page.

Or you could sign up and have access to a ton of other great videos. Up to you friendo!